Popcorn Time iOS

Popcorn Time iOS program will provide you the entertainment by giving trending and new pictures of categories. It will not take out time to download Popcorn Time to get iPad with no Jailbreak or to get iPhone devices. This program isn’t simply downloadable to iOS, but you might also access it into Android and PC. Within this guide, you will get the exact working strategy to set up Popcorn Time on iPhone/iOS platforms.

Popcorn program has the same features on all running systems, such as sorting and changing several settings regarding viewing videos. Any picture or TV-Show may be downloaded into your device memory to get viewing them again. Subtitles will be accessible and you may alter their terminology too. Default size and color of the font may be altered into a different one. These are a few benefits of this, you are going to encounter more while using this program. For the time being, delve into an undermentioned method to deliver Popcorn Time to get iOS 8.4, 8.3, 8.1.3 and under variants.


The Popcorn Time iOS has been recently removed from the app store, but then again you don’t need to worry about that. Here were are to provide you with the Popcorn app for iOS and moreover in this post we are also going to discuss many general queries like how can you actually Popcorn Time Apk and how can you install it on the iOS devices without having the need to jailbreak it.

Features of the Popcorn time


  • This really is an entirely free program and you do not even have to pay just one penny to use this program.
  • The program includes a very friendly interface and anybody can quickly use this program with no difficulties.
  • All of the TV shows and films Can Be Found in High-Quality.
  • The program has been updated frequently and the new attributes will be added each time the program is upgraded.
  • This really is the best program for the reason that it includes articles kind various genre.
  • It’s possible to alter the level of your video based on the online rate that you are having.
  • The Popcorn Time Apk is packed with tens of thousands of TV shows and films.

So there were the important features of the app, so now let’s go ahead and start Popcorn Time Download


Popcorn Time Ios App Download For IOS devices

This program isn’t on the app shop, so here’s an entire process on how to Download Popcorn Time program for iPhone.


  • Primarily, open your Safari browser in your iOS apparatus and simply copy paste this link from the browser. (http://iosinstaller.com/popcorn-time/)
  • Currently, as soon as you open up this website, you merely have to hit that”install” button and the program will begin to download to an Apple iOS Device.
  • Now only link your iOS device to a PC, and be certain you have the iTunes installed on your computer.
  • Now you only have to sync iOS apparatus with iTunes.
  • Open your iOS apparatus & only hit Trust.
  • Now you simply have to turn the Airplane mode along with the installer will finish the entire setup procedure.

Hola! Now you’ve successfully downloaded and installed Popcorn Time iOS to an iOS device. So you can flow and appreciate most of the high-quality TV shows and films entirely free of charge. If in the event you’re not capable to obtain and install this program in your iOS apparatus, then simply leave a comment down below and we’ll give you a hand with the setup procedure.


FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Popcorn Time Free?

Popcorn Time is basically a BitTorrent based software which will provide you with the ability to stream all the high-quality TV shows and movies. This is a multi-platform free software.

How Do I Download Popcorn time On Ipad

So if you want to download this app on to your iPad then you just need to copy paste this link in your browser.  (http://iosinstaller.com/popcorn-time). Then the app will get started automatically and then you just need to click on the install button and now Popcorn Time app has been successfully installed on to your iPad.

Is it illegal to use popcorn time?

Streaming and sharing of the videos are illegal if the person/service which uploads the video does not give you permissions from the copyright owner.

So that’s it for as of now, you have successfully downloaded Popcorn App iOS. 

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